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Posted on 10 Aug 2011 at 7:00pm

Logan Lerman shows off his  moves in this new photo from Nylon Guys Magazine.

The 19-year-old actor chatted with the magazine after he had landed back in Los Angeles and opens up about Perks in Pittsburgh, becoming a Musketeer and his budding music career. Check it:

On getting into the mind of Charlie for Perks of Being A Wallflower: “I went to Pittsburgh before anyone else and locked myself in a room and never left, except to go to T.G.I. Friday’s…alone, of course. I’ve been torturing myself for the past few months trying to get into Charlie’s head. It was intense, trying to understand his feelings of isolation.”

On becoming D’Artagnan: “It was kind of crazy, because that was the first time anyone had contacted me and offered me the role. I trained for 3 months before we even officially started training because my role is very stunts-oriented. Because a lot of my scenes involved combat, we were constantly preparing for different fights. I had never done anything before that was so intensely stunt-driven. But at the same time, there’s depth to the characters.”

On his creative soul: “I play music. I love learning a new instrument and creating songs; it also goes hand in hand with film making, like creating a feeling and emotion in music to complement a scene. Songwriting, guitar, piano, bass, ukulele, a little bit of violin, a little bit of everything- primarily guitar and piano. It’s just a hobby for now, maybe it would turn into a profession someday…who knows.”

The Three Musketeers
is set to premiere on October 21st and Perks will hit theaters in 2012!

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