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Posted on 08 Oct 2011 at 8:00am

Nicole Anderson has been busy since her departure from JONAS LA last year. With roles on TV shows, Make It Or Break It, Ringer, and Happy Endings.

The 21-year-old actress talked to us about growing with her Disney Channel fans, being right for roles, and Twitter.

On growing with her Disney Channel fans: “Luckily, with the Disney Channel, I feel like my major fan base from that has grown with me, and as I’m getting older, they’re getting older too. So the things that I’m working on now, they are excited to see and they’re tuning in to watch and it’s something that I feel they relate to more now that they’re older and I’m older.”

On auditions:
“I know that we all have our own things going on and if you’re right for the role, you’re right for the role,” she said. “The most I can do is prepare myself for the character and do my best, and hope for the best.”

On Twitter: “To know that 430,000 souls with heartbeats… care enough to see what I have to say on a daily basis. It’s just a very strange concept. But I’m definitely very, very flattered and appreciative of all the love. So hopefully I’m entertaining enough!”

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