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Posted on 23 Oct 2012 at 12:17pm

Taylor Swift looks stunning on the November 2012 cover of Bliss magazine!

Inside the glossy, the 22-year-old musician talks about life, love and BFF Selena Gomez.

On Selena’s housewarming gift to Taylor: “She shot a movie in Budapest and she brought me this old, ornate, wooden antique clock. She got it at a street market there and she put it on the cabinet that’s right in my entryway and it’s stayed there ever since. It’s beautiful.”

On giving Selena relationship advice: “We don’t talk about relationships in the sense of publicity and press and, ‘How do I deal with the public eye?’ when Selena and I talk, it’s just about life and love and in a very basic way, just the same way that you’d talk to your girlfriend about her life and her relationships. We don’t ever factor in the whole bright-lights-shiny situation. We never really talk about that part of it. That’s just our job – when we’re not at photoshoots and on red carpets, we just want to talk about life.”

On trusting her boyfriends: “I tend to trust my boyfriend no matter what. Because if I can’t trust him and I have that feeling that something’s not right, then that’s probably a bigger problem in the relationship that just whatever girl he’s hanging around with.”

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